our conception story…

as i still have 10 weeks to go before D-day, i thought i’d share my conception / pregnancy story – before epidural messes up my brain hehe.

hubby and i had been married since january 2008 but we decided (or i decided) that we would wait a few years before we try to get pregnant. we wanted to enjoy our “honeymoon period” and we wanted to wait for the right time… and that “right” time came around 2011. we were finally ready!

but i guess my body was not… it wasn’t as easy as we hoped it would be! it took us around 7-8 months before we got pregnant. yes, i know our conception story and what we went thru is NOTHING compared to other couples, but that doesn’t make it less trying and less depressing. Β every time i tested negative, i wanted to cry and give up! we did consult an OB-GYN and i believe she played a huge part in our conception story.

warning: the following might be a bit TMI (too much info), but i want it to be as detailed as possible in hopes that it help other couples who are also TCC (trying to conceive).

what we did:

1. i had several rounds of clomid Β – i think maybe 2 to 3 rounds, i can’t really remember now. but since clomid was making my uterine lining thin out, i had to take duphaston as well to help counteract the effects of clomid. if not, the egg will have nowhere to cling to. the clomid helped becuase i was producing 1-3 follicles (or eggs) each month but for some reason, we were still getting negative results. finally, my OB decided to switch to femara. my hopes went up because based on my research there was a higher success rate for those TCC with femara than with clomid. i think i had around 3 rounds with femara.

2. we had to go to our OB every month for follicle monitoring – that is, to check if around the 11th to 13th day of my period, my body was actually producing follicles for ovulation. basically, no follicle = no egg = no pregnancy. the follicle monitoring was done thru a procedure called a transvaginal ultrasound and though not painful, i still felt ‘intruded’ each time. 😦

3. i had HCG trigger shots every month, except on the month that i actually conceived, to help my body to ovulate and to release the egg/s for conception. my OB didn’t give me a shot on that last month because she had a theory that i was actually ovulating later than we thought… so giving me a shot on the 12th or 13th day won’t help. so she told me that we’ll try ovulating naturally… and i guess it worked πŸ˜‰

4. hubby also went thru a sperm count analysis on our 6th or 7th month of trying… and he passed with flying colors. actually our OB called him a ‘superman’ because his sperm count was off the charts (it was a LOT!).

aside from the medical help we got from our dear OB, i also did TONS of research on how to boost our fertility the natural way. some of the things i learned were:

a. charting your menstrual cycle really helps. keep track of your period, the length of your cycle and your symptoms during ovulation.

b. eating pineapple (especially the core) Β from your ovulation day to the day your period is due can help with implantation

c. vitamin E helps… my friends from SG actually suggested that we take Nature’s Way Vitamin E each day, i guess it helped because after the first month of taking it, we got pregnant!

d. have fun – doing the deed on a prescribed scheduled time and day takes away the fun and added to the stress. so try to make it as fun as possible for both of you. (i wont go into details here lol)

e. praying – we went to St. Jude every week to pray for a blessing. and as always, he heard our prayer.

we finally got our good news and one of the biggest blessing in my life in April 2012… that story, on how we found out and everything, ill save for another post πŸ™‚

hope you found this post informative! if you have more tips, please feel free to leave a comment below! πŸ™‚



new and improved blog :D

hi all!

i have finally decided to merge my two blogs (mrskendz and kikaykendz), although i decided to keep mrskendz because i’ve used that name longer πŸ™‚ the main reason for doing so is that i found it hard to manage two blogs… this way, i just need to monitor / blog in 1 site. πŸ™‚ i also finally decided to get my own domain –Β http://mrskendz.com/

i will be blogging more frequently (if time permits) and will be posting about my pregnancy story (yes im pregnant! 30 weeks to be exact hehe) as well as things i’ve learned during this pregnancy.

of course, i will still be posting about kikay/beauty stuff just coz im still addicted to all things beautiful :p

hopefully you’ll support this blog as much as you supported my two older ones! thanks!!! πŸ™‚



NOTD March 18

I went to dashing diva earlier to get my nails done (finally!)

I like dashing diva. Im amazed at the number of concoctions that they apply to the nails. Plus i love the fact that the tools they use are sterilized prior to every use! Fast service too! The only downside is, a lot of times, it’s fully booked. So your safest bet is to book in advance.

I opted to try one of the newest nail polish i got from rustans essences – deborah lippmann’s bad romance. And i must say i really really like it! I dont have anything quite like it.

I like the chunky glitters! So happy i got this color. Although a bit pricey 😦 will post an update on how long it lasts on my nails πŸ™‚



Hope everyone had a great weekend!

xo, kendz

Waterproof makeup products *great for the beach!*

summer is here! it’s time for those “waterproof” makeup to take the limelight πŸ˜‰

sharing my favorite products that i usually take with me and wear when i go to the beach. NOT all at the same time ok? haha

20120314-185948.jpgi’ve put in foundation, tinted moisturizer, cheek tintssssss, eyebrow liner, eye liners and lipstains πŸ™‚


for eyebrows, i like to use my K-palette real lasting eyebrow liner because it really lasts a long time and usually doesnt budge! i usually don’t wear eyeliner if i know im hitting the water, but for lounging and what not, i sometimes do. i prefer the MUFE aqua eyes (in dark purple) because it looks less over the top (what? you’re wearing make up to the beach?) and really highlights my brown eyes. but if im going clubbing and i know ill be sweating in the humid beach weather, i like to wear my k-palette real lasting eyeliner πŸ™‚


for cheeks – as you know i loveeee me my blushes πŸ™‚ there are times where i skip all makeup and just wear blush to the beach. here are my favorites bench’s pretty when pinched cheek & lip tint (cheap and very effective), benetint’s benefit (the MOST coveted lip & cheek tint), tarte lip & cheek stains – i like this because they are easy to carry around. you dont have to worry about breaking the glass (unlike bench and benetint). and it’s sooo easy to use. you just need to swipe and blend blend blend!, theblam stainiac – perfect for carrying around because of the size! very travel friendly. although i find this harder to work with compared to the others.


im obsessed with lipstains at the moment! i’ve tried the one from covergirl, but i must say that these are so much better! it doesn’t taste like ink (like covergirl) plus it comes with a lip balm. the problem i had with covergirl was it look a bit patchy sometimes and it can be too drying. these lip stains from revlon are awesome!!!!! πŸ™‚ very pigment, build-able and definitely lasts a long time.


i usually skip foundation / tinted moisturizer but sometimes, SOMETIMES, my vanity gets the best of me πŸ™‚ my choice of products are the laura mercier tinted moisturizer and MUFE mat velvet+ (which says it’s water resistant). both products are oil free. let’s face it… lounging around under the sun will make you oily so you DONT need extra oil πŸ˜‰

well that’s basically it! πŸ™‚ oh i make it a point to wear lots of sunscreen.

hope you girls find this post useful. my nxt post will be a FOTD using these products.

oh and wish me luck… going for our teambuilding tom… paintballing! im scared!!!

where to get the products:

pretty when pinched – all bench outlets

benefit benetint – greenbelt 5

mufe – boni high street or shangri-la plaza

laura mercier – essences

thebalm stainiac and k-palette – beauty bar

tarte (available abroad)

revlon just bitten – department stores or drug stores

review: NARS pure matte lipstick in Valparaiso

NARS’ description:

Pure Matte Lipsticks: Bright. Bold. Perfectly matte. This super-rich lipstick provides high-impact payoff: an ultra-pigmented, long-wearing formula that glides on effortlessly with comfortable wear.

Valparaiso: Rich raspberry

if you are a regular reader, you’d know that im obsessed with bold lip colors! πŸ˜€

i wasnt really planning to purchase this lipstick (because i seriously have too much lipsticks!!!) but when i tried it, i immediately said “yes!”

isn’t it preeetyyyy??? πŸ™‚ i don’t think i own anything like it. the nearest i can think of is NARS funny face, but that’s more fuschia and this is a true raspberry color!


here’s me wearing it:


what i like:

– love the color! bold yet not too bright. really wearable. will suit most skin types

– i like the packaging. unlike most lipsticks, this comes in a tiny (thin) packaging that is perfect to carry around

– a true matte lipstick, if you’re a matte fan, you will definitely love this

– the lipstick has very tiny subtle silver specks in it which makes it look like it has a sheen when you put it on

– very opaque and long lasting

– color is build-able depending on your taste (sheer to opaque)

what i don’t like:

– tends to emphasize the lines and flakes in my lips. i dont have dry lips but i feel that i need to apply balm before applying this lipstick.

– expensive @ P1450 each 😦

– it’s limited edition. came out as part of the Spring 2012 collection

mrskendz verdict: ****

a bit conflicted… dont know if i want to give a 3 or 4 star rating… i admit im NOT a fan of matte lipsticks but i sooo love the color. but, for P1450, i think it’s a wee too expensive.

overall, i think because of the color, the opaque-ness and the longevity, i will give it a 4 star.

since this is really a “splurge”, i urge you to try it on at NARS counters prior to buying. but it really is truly a nice color πŸ™‚


Haul: rustans and tony moly

Aside from my haul at the supersale bazaar, i also got the following products from rustans essences and tony moly. Yes, i am in a spending mode – it’s just one of those days when you want to bury you sorrow by shopping. Naks senti-drama! Lol

Anywayyyyyy before this post gets tooo dramatic, here’s a pic of what i got:


in no particular order:

tony moly face sponges (which im planning to use on the body hahaha)

laura mercier mineral loose powder in rich vanilla (for setting makeup)

NARS blush in gaeity (limited edition – spring collection) – what a LOVELY blush! i’ve tried it on several times and can’t believe how nice it looked on me!!! it’s a pale bright pink (almost pastel-ly) which i NEVER thought would work for my skin type! πŸ™‚

NARS eyeshadow in Lhasa (lavender gray eyeshadow)

NARS pure matte lipstick in Valparaiso

Stila creme blush in Peony

Tony Moly Eyebrow Pencils – which I love! better than MAC’s and cheap too!

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstains – i am absolutely obsessed (OBSESSED) with lipstains right now! i think they are perfect for summer – think waterproof! πŸ™‚ you can go swimming, have fun during bbq, have some drinks and the color will still be there! πŸ™‚

trying out some of the products at the moment. will post reviews as soon as i can πŸ™‚

what about you? any new hauls! share please – i love hauls hehe πŸ˜‰

good night!

xo, kendz

smokey eyes – a trial :D

one fine night, while waiting for hubby at the office (this was wayyy beyond working hours – just so you know teeheee), i decided to play with my naked 2 palette. i remember watching a tutorial on smokey eyes on youtube and decided to give it a go.

just a background – i rarely wear smokey eyes, i feel that with my dark circles and eye bags, it doesnt really look nice on me. so i try to steer clear from smokey eyes (especially black color).

anyway, here’s the end result:

please ignore the red spots on face. was extremely PMS-ing and my foundation has worn off. didn’t retouch my foundation. just powdered my face and that’s it πŸ™‚

closeup on the eyes:

products used:

chanel vitalumiere foundation

MAC studio finish concealer in nw25 (undereyes)

MAC studio finish concealer in nc35 (on face)

Laura mercier mineral pressed powder in rich vanilla

MAC espresso on brows

NARS luster blush

UD naked 2 (blackout and chopper)

MAC Blacktrack fluidline

Mac Hug Me lipstick

Mac viva glam VI lipglass

so what do you think? πŸ™‚ hubby seems to like it sooo might be doing more smokey eye looks. but of course cant wear this at work! haha it’s just too much. πŸ˜‰

feel free to leave a comment if you have questions πŸ˜€

xo, kendz