my birthing story


Finally writing about my son’s birth story. Yes, it took more than two years, but better late than never right??? 😀

Last 5 December 2012, my husband and I decided to put up our Christmas tree. I was 39weeks then. I didn’t feel anything unusual, but I felt really tired and I sat down for most part of the Christmas tree building process.

6 December at around 2 am, I woke up for my regular 2am bathroom break. Still didn’t feel anything unusual then. But when I went back to bed at around 3am, I started feeling strong back aches that came and went. It felt similar to the back pains you get when you’re having your period. I didn’t even think that I was having contractions… not until I went back to the toilet and found blood on my undies. I knew then that I was having contractions and that it was time to go to the hospital. (I learned during our birthing class that one of the reasons to go to the hospital is when you see blood) I woke my hubby up and told him that I was taking a bath and we need to go to the hospital soon. (good thing our hospital bags were packed and ready to go). So after a quick shower for both of us, we were off to the hospital.

But before leaving the house, I texted the following people: my OB, our selected pedia and our birthing photographer, to let them know that we’re on our way to the hospital 😀

We arrived at St. Luke’s Global at around 4:30am, we went directly to the delivery room, as instructed by my OB. I was quickly admitted and was ushered to a High Risk Pregnancy Unit room. HRPU rooms are more expensive than going to a normal labor room, but I preferred to go to an HRPU room so that my husband can stay with me throughout my labor.

The resident OB checked and I was 3cm dilated at that time, and baby was not yet engaged. Was told to rest first, while they wait for my OB’s instructions.

At around 5am we started texting our family to let them know that I was already in the hospital. By that time, my OB already told me to stay in the hospital as I might give birth soon. So the waiting game started.

But by 6am, I was super hungry! Hahaha. I had to text my OB to ask her if I can eat as I was really really really hungry. She told me to wait another hour and if my labor doesn’t progress, then yes, I can eat. At around 7am, the resident OB performed another IE and noted that I was still at 3cm and gave me the go signal to have a light meal. YEHEEYYY!!!

From 8am to 9am, nothing much happened aside from calling our relatives and updating them with what is happening. Doctors and nurses came in our room from time to time to check on me. At this point, my contractions were getting stronger but it was still tolerable. It was painful but not TOO painful.

Around 9am, I was starting to drift off to sleep when I felt water gushing out from you know where. Initially, I thought I was peeing in my sleep but when I tried to hold it in, I couldn’t. I knew then that my water just broke. We immediately called the nurse and as I stood up to go to the toilet to wash up and change undies and pads,  more water came out. There really was no way of holding it in!!! I even tried squeezing my legs together but the water just kept coming out. :p

When I finally got to the toilet, I saw that my water had a greenish tint. I knew it was NOT a good sign. I learned in birthing class that a greenish discharge meant only one thing – meconium stain. So we immediately told the resident OB and she confirmed this. At this point I am still at 4cm and baby has not even engaged yet.

They called my OB and reported the situation. My OB then called me and calmly told me that I had to go for an emergency c-section because: 1. Well, because of the meconium stain and the risk of baby digesting poop; 2. The baby is getting stressed inside the womb.

When I heard this, I couldn’t help but cry. I really wanted to give birth the normal way. But at the same time, I had to think about the baby’s health as well. I sadly told her to go ahead with the c-section.

So from 10:00 to 10:30am, they started prepping me for the operation. My contractions were getting stronger and I had to hold my husband’s hand during some of the contractions. I also had to tell the nurses to stop poking me with needles when the contractions came in. :p It was a fun laboring experience though as my husband kept entertaining me with silly antics and jokes.

10:30am, they were wheeling me in the operating room with my husband beside me. Then the anesthesiologist administered the epidural and in a few minutes, the operation started. I remembered that I had a hard time breathing when the starting pushing on my stomach (i guess it’s because liam was still too high and they needed to push him downwards for my OB to get him). it was awful. i complained to Lui that it was painful and it felt like someone crushing my heart. Good thing my husband was there to hold my hand and to comfort me. ❤

Finally, at 11:18am, my son was out! I couldn’t help but cry when I heard him crying. It was such a relief to hear him cry and know that he is okay. I glimpsed a head full of hair and a cute looking baby (yes I am biased). They cleaned him up and brought him to me to see.




My husband was also able to hold him. It was a sight to behold as it was actually my husband’s first time to ever hold a baby! And he looked so uncomfortable. hehehe


All in all it was an easy pregnancy and a not too bad delivery. I did get nauseous because of the food I had around 7am plus the epidural, but all in all it was a good birthing experience. I am also grateful that I let my friend Benz, talk me into getting a birthing photographer. It was one less thing to worry about – I didn’t have to think about whether my husband is getting any good pictures or not. Plus, my husband was not busy taking pictures and can concentrate on comforting me. ❤

Some of the things that went wrong though: my pedia didn’t initiate unang yakap. Because of the meconium stain, they had to observe my son closely in fear that he might have digested poop and might be aspirating. They also brought him to the NICU so I wasn’t able to nurse him in the recovery room. The next time I saw him was already at 6pm!  I really think that these events contributed to my not-so-smooth breastfeeding journey (story to follow) and I am determined to have a better experience this time around!

Well, that’s it. Hahaha at least I was able to post my eldest’s birthing story before #shobepanb came out! hahaha.

Oh and here’s the slideshow created by Regina >>>

Thanks for reading! 😀


the first in 14 months

dearest liam cedric,

i’ve been meaning to post more often but for some reason, i had a hard time thinking of where to start. there are just so many things i want to write to you and about you. i promise to catch up and blog as often as i can. i really NEED to write about your birthing story, our breastfeeding journey, your first year, before i completely forget.

it’s your 14th month today! time really flew by. you had a photo shoot last saturday and when i saw the proofs, that’s when it hit me – you’re not a baby anymore! i do miss those days when you were still little and i can carry you around the whole day. nowadays, we can hardly get any cuddle time with you. but it’s also fun seeing you strut and play.

the other day, we were playing when out of the blue, you took your cup and gave mr lion a drink. i nearly cried from joy! you’re pretend playing. oh my heart! you surprise us a lot these days.


you are such an endearing child… you’re not as affectionate as i hope you’d be, but i guess that’s what makes every kiss and hug all the more special 🙂 there are days when i come home and you’d rush to the door and hug my legs or days where you’d ask me to follow you to your playroom so you can nurse (those are my favorite!) and then there are days when you completely IGNORE me! hahaha but i’m learning that we can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. i think you got that from me.

well son, i’m a bit rusty and my mind can’t seem to think what else to write, so i’ll stop here for now. :p

we love you liam. more and more each day.



new and improved blog :D

hi all!

i have finally decided to merge my two blogs (mrskendz and kikaykendz), although i decided to keep mrskendz because i’ve used that name longer 🙂 the main reason for doing so is that i found it hard to manage two blogs… this way, i just need to monitor / blog in 1 site. 🙂 i also finally decided to get my own domain –

i will be blogging more frequently (if time permits) and will be posting about my pregnancy story (yes im pregnant! 30 weeks to be exact hehe) as well as things i’ve learned during this pregnancy.

of course, i will still be posting about kikay/beauty stuff just coz im still addicted to all things beautiful :p

hopefully you’ll support this blog as much as you supported my two older ones! thanks!!! 🙂



my current obsession

is… hot pink or red lips!!!

lately, i’ve gotten more adventurous and i’ve been purchasing lipsticks / lipglosses that are bolder in color. im not really sure i can pull it off, but i just loveee playing with the colors. but i usually dont wear bold colors for work… hehe. i try to stick to more conservative colors at work. i usually play up my lips on weekends or if i’m attending a party.

here are some of the products i got so far… (i have a nyx lipstick coming in tom. cant wait to try that!!!)

MAC Sheen Supreme in Ultra Darling

MAC Sheen Supreme in Insanely It

NARS Schiap

Prestige Lasting Blossom

MAC Amplified lipstick in Dubonnet

here are some swatches:

dubonnet, lasting blossom, schiap (matte), insanely it (sheer) and ultra darling (sheer)

i am really loving the dubonnet lipstick 🙂 i think it’s the perfect dark red lipstick for me!! ill pair it with the clear lipglass for more drama 😀 here’s a pic…

what do you think? 🙂

share your favorite red / hot pink lipstick in the comments section!



the new mrskendz :)

finally…  finally decided to cut my hair. 🙂 for those who know me, i usually wear my hair short, but for a change, i wanted to grow it long.

well… it lasted for almost 6 months! hehe but i had enough. not really liking it anymore. so at the risk of looking rounder (face), i decided to chop it off hehe. i do have a few reasons for doing so…

1. convenience – it was soooo tiresome trying to dry my hair every morning! if i don’t my hair will be flying away in all directions! besides, more often than not, i wear it up in a ponytail anyway… so what’s the point of having a long hair if i can’t wear it down right???

2. hair fall – i’ve noticed that i have more hair fall now than when i was wearing my hair short. my hair is already thin as it is. i don’t want to risk losing more hair!

3. to get rid of bad vibes – superstitious or not, i’ve been having a bad week (refer to previous post) and i was hoping that this new look will help get rid of all the bad vibes. *fingers crossed*

soooo here are some before and after pics. lemme know what you think! 😀

haircut by: Vince of Vivere Salon (Megamall Branch) – highly recommended 🙂

the power of makeup

classic example of how much makeup can help enhance your features 😀

makeup by: mrskendz

model: friend of mrskendz

i applied mac studio fix with a damp sponge for a fuller coverage. followed by eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick. i also groomed her eyebrows to better frame her face. i only used basic techniques, i didn’t even contour her face :p

it was loads of fun! i really miss our kikay fest! hehehe

p.s. thanks to my dear friend for allowing me to post these pics! mwahs!

Hello Beauty World! :D

finally decided to start my new beauty blog! 🙂 sooo excited and can’t wait to get going!

first off, a few things i want to share:

1. i am a certified makeup junkie. i spend WAYYYY too much money on makeup. some people might think it unhealthy but for me, i feel happy when i get my hands on new beauty products! especially when i make a good discovery

2. i  am not a beauty expert nor a makeup artist – though i am also thinking of taking up formal makeup courses 🙂

3. my opinion is my own – i am not paid to blog. if i do get sponsored in the future, i will make sure to indicate such fact in my blog posts.

4. i believe in the saying “what works for me may not work for you” – i may LOVE a product and you might abhor it. that’s life. please don’t hate me for that.

5. i like trying out new stuff and i don’t mind spending money on stuff i try BUT i also don’t want people judging me based on the amount of money i spend on beauty products therefore, i decided that i will NOT post prices here. use google instead 🙂

6. i have been blogging since 2003 (started in friendster!) and i love blogging. so i think it’s just natural that i combine the two things i love – makeup and blogging 🙂

i hope, really really hope, that you guys enjoy this blog. will try to share as much as i can to be a good beauty blogger 😉