the first in 14 months

dearest liam cedric,

i’ve been meaning to post more often but for some reason, i had a hard time thinking of where to start. there are just so many things i want to write to you and about you. i promise to catch up and blog as often as i can. i really NEED to write about your birthing story, our breastfeeding journey, your first year, before i completely forget.

it’s your 14th month today! time really flew by. you had a photo shoot last saturday and when i saw the proofs, that’s when it hit me – you’re not a baby anymore! i do miss those days when you were still little and i can carry you around the whole day. nowadays, we can hardly get any cuddle time with you. but it’s also fun seeing you strut and play.

the other day, we were playing when out of the blue, you took your cup and gave mr lion a drink. i nearly cried from joy! you’re pretend playing. oh my heart! you surprise us a lot these days.


you are such an endearing child… you’re not as affectionate as i hope you’d be, but i guess that’s what makes every kiss and hug all the more special 🙂 there are days when i come home and you’d rush to the door and hug my legs or days where you’d ask me to follow you to your playroom so you can nurse (those are my favorite!) and then there are days when you completely IGNORE me! hahaha but i’m learning that we can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. i think you got that from me.

well son, i’m a bit rusty and my mind can’t seem to think what else to write, so i’ll stop here for now. :p

we love you liam. more and more each day.



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