our conception story…

as i still have 10 weeks to go before D-day, i thought i’d share my conception / pregnancy story – before epidural messes up my brain hehe.

hubby and i had been married since january 2008 but we decided (or i decided) that we would wait a few years before we try to get pregnant. we wanted to enjoy our “honeymoon period” and we wanted to wait for the right time… and that “right” time came around 2011. we were finally ready!

but i guess my body was not… it wasn’t as easy as we hoped it would be! it took us around 7-8 months before we got pregnant. yes, i know our conception story and what we went thru is NOTHING compared to other couples, but that doesn’t make it less trying and less depressing.  every time i tested negative, i wanted to cry and give up! we did consult an OB-GYN and i believe she played a huge part in our conception story.

warning: the following might be a bit TMI (too much info), but i want it to be as detailed as possible in hopes that it help other couples who are also TCC (trying to conceive).

what we did:

1. i had several rounds of clomid  – i think maybe 2 to 3 rounds, i can’t really remember now. but since clomid was making my uterine lining thin out, i had to take duphaston as well to help counteract the effects of clomid. if not, the egg will have nowhere to cling to. the clomid helped becuase i was producing 1-3 follicles (or eggs) each month but for some reason, we were still getting negative results. finally, my OB decided to switch to femara. my hopes went up because based on my research there was a higher success rate for those TCC with femara than with clomid. i think i had around 3 rounds with femara.

2. we had to go to our OB every month for follicle monitoring – that is, to check if around the 11th to 13th day of my period, my body was actually producing follicles for ovulation. basically, no follicle = no egg = no pregnancy. the follicle monitoring was done thru a procedure called a transvaginal ultrasound and though not painful, i still felt ‘intruded’ each time. 😦

3. i had HCG trigger shots every month, except on the month that i actually conceived, to help my body to ovulate and to release the egg/s for conception. my OB didn’t give me a shot on that last month because she had a theory that i was actually ovulating later than we thought… so giving me a shot on the 12th or 13th day won’t help. so she told me that we’ll try ovulating naturally… and i guess it worked 😉

4. hubby also went thru a sperm count analysis on our 6th or 7th month of trying… and he passed with flying colors. actually our OB called him a ‘superman’ because his sperm count was off the charts (it was a LOT!).

aside from the medical help we got from our dear OB, i also did TONS of research on how to boost our fertility the natural way. some of the things i learned were:

a. charting your menstrual cycle really helps. keep track of your period, the length of your cycle and your symptoms during ovulation.

b. eating pineapple (especially the core)  from your ovulation day to the day your period is due can help with implantation

c. vitamin E helps… my friends from SG actually suggested that we take Nature’s Way Vitamin E each day, i guess it helped because after the first month of taking it, we got pregnant!

d. have fun – doing the deed on a prescribed scheduled time and day takes away the fun and added to the stress. so try to make it as fun as possible for both of you. (i wont go into details here lol)

e. praying – we went to St. Jude every week to pray for a blessing. and as always, he heard our prayer.

we finally got our good news and one of the biggest blessing in my life in April 2012… that story, on how we found out and everything, ill save for another post 🙂

hope you found this post informative! if you have more tips, please feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂



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