new and improved blog :D

hi all!

i have finally decided to merge my two blogs (mrskendz and kikaykendz), although i decided to keep mrskendz because i’ve used that name longer 🙂 the main reason for doing so is that i found it hard to manage two blogs… this way, i just need to monitor / blog in 1 site. 🙂 i also finally decided to get my own domain –

i will be blogging more frequently (if time permits) and will be posting about my pregnancy story (yes im pregnant! 30 weeks to be exact hehe) as well as things i’ve learned during this pregnancy.

of course, i will still be posting about kikay/beauty stuff just coz im still addicted to all things beautiful :p

hopefully you’ll support this blog as much as you supported my two older ones! thanks!!! 🙂



2 thoughts on “new and improved blog :D

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