Antonio’s coffe + bibingka

Im not sure if this is associated to THE antonio’s in tagaytay… But i saw this stall in megamall level 5 a few weeks ago and since then, ive been dying to try it!

Since i was around the area (to get my nails done) and since i was waiting for hubby to arrive, i decided to give it a go.


Was lucky enough to get a seat! Usually it’s packed, all tables taken.



I ordered the original bibingka in medium (P95) with iced cafe latte (P70). There are actually 4 types of bibingka – original (salted egg), special (salted egg with normal cheese), super special (salted egg with keso de bola) and original (salted egg with kesong puti).

This is how the original looked like:


I cant describe how yummy it smells!!! Just sooo mouth-watering! It was served warm and it smells of freshly baked bread, but it’s not. Do u know what i mean? Hehehe

And the taste? Well it didnt disappoint! I loveeeeee it! BUT I dont know how to describe it bwahaha. Lemme try – It’s a bit sweet and the texture is just perfect! Not melt in your mouth soft, but rather, a bit chewy! Yum. Although i must say, not really a fan of the niyog (coconut meat) that it came with.

The medium is actually good for two people! I couldnt finish the entire thing. :p

The coffee was okay. Nothing special. Make sure you mix ur drink though coz the first sip i took was super sweet! Nearly choked on it.

Overall it was a nice experience. Hopefully they get a better place or spot next time. Eating in the middle of level 5 is a bit weird (ur surrounded by salons, nail spas, etc hehe. )

Edited to add: beware though – because of the kesong puti (white cheese) umay factor is high. I think next time ill order the classic or special instead. 🙂

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