on losing weight…

i am getting depressed. i think i am on my all-time heaviest and it is really now starting to bother me 😦 my clothes won’t fit anymore!!! 😦

i know i’ve said this a thousand time before but… i AM going on a diet  and will exercise more to lose weight.   it’s important especially now that we are planning to have a baby… and it’s important for me. i need to keep my sanity. this is just too depressing.

if you guys have any tips, please please do share. i need all the advices and tips that i can get.

right now my plan is to get at least 45 mins to an hour of cardio each day and also to lessen my food intake (gradually). i will go back to the no rice diet and hopefully that will help me kick start my weight loss goal. oh and no more dining out for the next 3 months… (unless i have to. if so, i will eat ONLY healthy food)

will post regular updates here on my blog so that i can monitor my progress. i hope to lose at least 15-20lbs by the end of the year! (my ideal weight is 30lbs away… but i think that’s unrealistic for now)

wish me luck!

here’s to a less fat mrskendz… *fingers crossed*

11 thoughts on “on losing weight…

  1. my dietician told me to drink full glass of water in the morning, it will speed up you metabolism during the day and another full glass before you go to bed. you may eat rice but only in small quantities, di kelangang burdugang kain palagi 🙂 i have been doing pilates for a month now and everyone says I’m leaner and longer now 🙂

  2. I used to eat fruits before each meal… puwede ring salad. The key is to cut down your appetite by filling your stomach with fiber before each meal. You can also substitute white rice with brown rice… or kahit mixed. 🙂

    Good luck!

  3. thanks girls for all the tips! i’ve been trying to be reaaaallyyyy good with my diet. so far, i haven’t eaten white rice since i posted the blog (i ate brown rice though)

    hope tuloy tuloy na tong diet na to! 😀

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