tip: investing in makeup brushes

i am a firm believer of investing in good makeup brushes.  it usually is the least priority of many but, in my opinion, it is the most important tool in your beauty kit. good tools equate to good output – does it not? 🙂

most of us tend to settle with using the brush or sponge-tip applicator than comes with.  to be honest, i haven’t seen a compact makeup brush  that actually does a good job (not even chanel). most often than not, the makeup brush that comes with your compact is too small which makes application and blending such a tedious job OR is too coarse which feels harsh on your skin.

when i started with makeup, it was hard to come by cheap yet good makeup brushes – back then you really have to shell out money to get good quality brushes! but now, with brands like sigma, suesh (local brand) and korean brands coming into play, people have more choices of good and affordable makeup brushes! even local and drugstore brands like nichido and ELF are coming out with good quality brushes.

so what are the essential basic makeup brushes that you should have? here are my thoughts:

1. blush brush – can double as your powder brush or contour brush, depending on the size. a good blush brush is the key to a natural looking blush application! you need to look for a brush that is not coarse and feels smooth to the skin. the head should be dense enough to pick up the right amount of product.

elf blush brush (less than P250)

2. powder brush / kabuki brush – good for applying powder to set your makeup and for blending makeup together. kabuki brushes are smaller and are more handy – great for touch ups! again, the brush should be dense and should be soft to the touch.

tony moly powder brush (less than P700), suesh kabuki (forgot the price), nichido kabuki (P238)

3. eye shader brush – good for applying eyeshadow all over the lids. there are different sizes of eye shader brush, i would recommend a medium-sized eye shader brush so that you can use it to apply color to the crease as well.

i realize i didnt have a cheap eyeshadow brush but im sure the above mentioned brands have one.

4. eyebrow brush – a well-groomed eyebrow can make or break your look. so it is important that you have the right tool to complete your entire look. an eyebrow brush can also double as an eyeliner brush.

body shop eyebrow brush – sorry forgot the price. i had this for more than 5 years i think!

5. stippling brush (optional but absolutely great to have!) – a multi-tasker – can be used to apply liquid and powder products. can be used to apply foundation, blush, powder or highlighter. stippling brushes tend to pickup lesser products so it is best used for highly-pigmented products

etude house stippling brush (less than P500)

makeup brushes are really a good investment… the first brush investment i made was a MAC 129 brush (blush brush), i had it for more than 8 years and it is still in good shape! as long as you take care of them, they will last you a lifetime 🙂

i would also recommend SIGMA brushes. they are US-made brushes that ships internationally. i have several Sigma brushes which i will do a review on but basically i would say they are the BEST medium-ranged brand! 🙂

good night! and happy harry potter’s day! LOL



8 thoughts on “tip: investing in makeup brushes

  1. I love my brushes too. Once upon a time, i jet had 2 (a body shop foundation brush & a fashion21 eyeshadow fluff–both of which I use up to now). I have moved on to better quality brushes & they truly are a good investment if you want to apply make-up properly. 🙂 Hakuhodo & MAC brushes are my weapons of choice. Haha. I have a couple of coastal scents brushes too, very cheap & works well for me.

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