SM Cinemas – cool!

wednesday nights are usually our movie date night (except tonight because im just so darn tired). we usually go to SM Megamall because for one, it’s the closest to my ofc and two, booking tickets online is so easy.  YUP for those who are not aware, SM cinemas now has an online booking facility (harry potter here we come!).:)

it’s so easy… just register at their website.

the cool thing about SM is, when you book online, you no longer need to line up at the ticket counters to get your ticket. instead, you just need to head to cinema 6 (in megamall) and get your tickets printed from this booth:

walang ganito sa bundok. ahehehehe

it comes with instructions 😀

you just need to scan your e-ticket, either from your phone or from a printout! how coooolll is that? 😀

barcode reading: success!

and voila! tickets are ready!

sorry if i sound so ignorant! it’s really my first time to encounter something like this (not even in singapore!) and i just felt so in awe. hehe. 🙂

the cinemas in megamall are clean and so far, i haven’t encountered any funny smell (ahem market! market!). they also have recliner chairs in selected cinemas – which we had tried and actually liked. para lang nasa bahay! :p hehehe.

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