our varekai experience (cirque de soleil)

no words can describe how much we enjoyed the show. it was truly amazing / spectacular / breathtaking / awesome !!!  we have never watched / experienced anything like that before! we left the show with huge smiles on our faces. honestly, if the tickets were not as expensive as it is, i would watch it again!  oh there were some parts that were not as exciting as most, but all in all, it was really the BEST we have seen so far! 🙂

side story: as soon as we entered the amphitheater, a caucasian usher took my hand (as in  holding hands kami!) and told me “i’ll give you better seats”. so at first, i was thinking: “wow! we are sooo lucky!” but then after a few seconds, i realized that people were watching us and were actually laughing, that’s when i knew sh*t na-wow mali kami! hahaha. the guy just led me around in circles – literally going around a post before finally bringing us back to our original seats! LOL to make matters worst, one of my boss was there and he saw the entire thing! shoot! hahaha.

real-life circus tents! 😀

closeup much? hehe. sorry if we’re squinting… the sun was scorching!

this was the view from the seats we booked. as you can see, there is a HUGE post / pole in the side which gave us restricted view.

oh btw, that was the same post that that i went around like 3x because of a gag! so embarrassing!

good thing we moved to better (and more expensive) seats! 😀 (nope, we didn’t pay – we just asked if we could change seats and they said yes. hihi)

the toilets remind me of sydney, new year’s eve 2010 😀

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