boracay – 2nd time around…

hubby and i finally went on a vacation! we headed off to boracay for the long weekend. would you believe that it was my first trip to the beach for 2011 (not counting bondi beach in sydney)? pathetic right? well, better late than never!

our trip was like a series of unfortunate events – why? read on…

the first unfortunate event was me discovering that the travel agent actually booked mla-kalibo flights a few days before our trip! all the while i thought that we were going to land in caticlan! that was a major boo boo on my part – not checking the itinerary sent to me 😦 but the good thing was, our package included free transfers from kalibo to boracay, so it didn’t turn out to be as bad.

the second unfortunate event was, when we finally reached the port in caticlan to take the hotel’s private speed boat to boracay (thank God for this!), it really started to pourΒ  – REALLY REALLY hard! as soon as we stepped out of the van, the rain poured with a vengeance. and eventhough i had an umbrella, i got drenched in an instant. so we had to retreat! went back to the van soaking wet and shivering in the cold. there was no way we were going to be able to get to the boat in that rain. so we decided to wait for a while and hope the rain will let up. thankfully, after waiting around 15 mins, it finally did. the rain just stopped completely!Β  so we hurried into the boat and got to boracay in a matter of minutes!

@ regency’s private speed boat

thank goodness we were not on that boat…

third unfortunate event – i wanted to go to jonah’s extremely bad! but i didn’t know that it was sooo far from the hotel we booked! but since i wanted it so much, i persevered! the first night, after having our dinner (our package included all buffet meals – bfast, lunch and dinner) i coerced hubby to walk all the way to the far side of station 1 to get some jonah’s avocado shake. so we started walking but after probably 15 minutes, the rain poured hard again! so we went to the main street and decided to take a tricycle back to the hotel – so much for the shake! the next day, after breakfast, i again asked hubby to go with me to jonah’s… and guess what happened? yes, it again rained so hard that we had to retreat! lunch came and i told hubby that this is it. by hook or by crook i got to have my jonah’s shake!!! and we succeeded! though we didn’t get to the branch in station 1 – we chanced upon a branch near the main street LOL lucky us. so i had my banana chocnut shake and hubby had his avocado shake. all was well! :p

it was soooo worth it!

so was the trip worth it? hell yah! i think this trip just made it to my most favorite trips that we had taken! :p yes, it was raining most of the time. yes, there were a lot of unfortunate events. but i guess that just added to the drama and to the uniqueness of the trip.

i loved our walks by the seashore under our umbrella, holding hands, looking at footprints on the sand, drawing nonsense on the sand. i loved all the laughter we shared trying to get to that very elusive jonah’s and all our misadventures in the rain. πŸ™‚ i loved our bonding time together πŸ™‚

walking by the shore in the rain – priceless. πŸ™‚

it was truly an awesome trip πŸ™‚ and i would do it again anytime!

btw, for those interested, we stayed at Boracay Regency and i would highly recommend this to anyone! the free meals saved us a lot of money and time and was really convenient. the private pickup was also great because we didn’t have to fight the crowd to get to a boat or to get transferred to our hotel. the room was really clean! there wasn’t a grain of sand in the room / shower area! i was soooo glad we booked a nice hotel because ended up staying in our room most of the time! πŸ™‚ the only downside was – it was at the far end of station2! but then again, the main street is just a few steps away and you can take a tricycle anytime you want! or you can do what we did, walk along the seashore. πŸ™‚

deluxe room

dining area

pool side

3 thoughts on “boracay – 2nd time around…

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  2. hi sis! me, hubby and gab (+ hubby’s family) will be in boracay this august. food trip kami so am really researching for best food finds sa boracay. we’re booked sa tides boracay. where is jonah’s? is it easy to find?

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