bon chon

i was uber excited to try this new restaurant in town due to VERY HIGH praises from a friend in new york (yes bri that’s you). so i was ecstatic to know that they opened a new branch in megamall…

tried it tonight and here is my verdict:

1. there are two sauces you can choose from, garlic and chili. the garlic was yummy but the chili was a bit too intense for me.

2. the chicken was a bit dry 😦 you bite into that very crispy and succulent skin and then you get disappointed by the dryness of the meat 😦

3. the chicken was super small. i had the 3 pcs wings and well, it was like eating appetizer for dinner! i had the set meal that comes with the rice. BAD idea. i dont think the wings go well with rice. i would have rather munched the wings by themselves. hehehe.

4. the place was small and there were only 2 counters! loooong lines. if you are planning to go there to eat, better go early.

would i eat again? hmmm yes, i would probably give it another try. the sauce / marinate was really yummy.

2 thoughts on “bon chon

  1. HAY nakoooo…. same lang din sa north triangle. small yun place. 2 counters lang. and to think ang dami kumakain dun… so siksikan talaga! lalo na pag lunch time. i like yun chicken chops kse sulit na sulit (puro meat lang) yun lang. dry din. bon chon kse is double fried. kaya cguro dry yun chicken? hehe

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