the power of makeup

classic example of how much makeup can help enhance your features 😀

makeup by: mrskendz

model: friend of mrskendz

i applied mac studio fix with a damp sponge for a fuller coverage. followed by eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick. i also groomed her eyebrows to better frame her face. i only used basic techniques, i didn’t even contour her face :p

it was loads of fun! i really miss our kikay fest! hehehe

p.s. thanks to my dear friend for allowing me to post these pics! mwahs!

13 thoughts on “the power of makeup

  1. I really do not wear much makeup at all, just BB cream to even out my skin tone and pressed powder to set it and keep the oilies at bay. And lip balm of course. Makes me really think about getting an eyebrow pencil to define my eyebrows more.. Well-groomed and well-shaped eyebrows really do make quite a difference. 😉

  2. thanks pammy!

    joanne, syempre tiningnan ko how morena you are! di naman masyado ah! pero sige ill post color recommendations 😀

    blackshirt13 – yes it makes a whole lot of difference! go! 🙂 im so envious, i can’t wear BB creams… it’s too light for me. im semi-morena kasi.

  3. I’m loving your blog so far! All the tips and products here is awakening my desire for beautification! Hehe!

    I’m really amazed at the transformation here, no offense to your friend ^_^. You can hardly notice the makeup except for the lipstick, but it made her look so fresh and young!

    Where do I sign up to be your next test subject? =)

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  5. gujab kendz! you should teach me how to put on make up! HAHAHHA hindi ako marunong! as in! no idea how… ang sad. tsk tsk tsk. gleng gleng kendz! clap clap clap! 😀

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