project kikay :)

it took me a long time to sum up the courage to start this project. but with the blessing from my dearest hubby, i am set to go – i will try my hands at a new beauty blog 🙂

the site is still under construction… nothing major just creating a new blog to separate my personal from my beauty posts. better safe than sorry right?

i am uber excited with this new project and hope it turns out well. i do not have hopes of being sponsored or paid to blog… that has not been my intention from the start… i blog because i want to write. i want to share my thoughts 🙂

but since i have been spending LOADS of moolah on cosmetics, skin care products, hair products, etc… i thought i might as well have fun with it and share it with people who are interested 🙂

i was very hesitant to start this beauty blog because i don’t want to be judged with the amount of money i spend on makeup. (it’s a LOT) but hey to each his own right? some people like to spend on clothes, some shoes and i CHOOSE to spend on beauty products.

sooo wish me luck! i will post an update once the new blogsite is ready to roll 🙂

3 thoughts on “project kikay :)

  1. GO GO GO!!! Ma-b! next time pls create a blog on my toy collections… hehehe 😀 cheers!!!! im here to support u!!!

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