double birthday celebration and some

had a VERY busy weekend!

lots of food (sofitel spiral and lugang cafe in conneticut) and lots of fun!

and my first ever fun run proved to be just that – “fun” but also EXTREMELY tiring! we woke up at 3am because our friend Plong had to be there by 4:30 (he ran 21km!). and here i am, proud and happy that i got to finish my 3km in pathetic time :p

here are some photos taken:


5 thoughts on “double birthday celebration and some

  1. I was in Nat Geo run as well 🙂 Woke up at 3:30am and left our house ng 4:30am (I’m coming from Molino, Cavite).

    I ran the 5k…hehehehe…tiring but fun! 😉

  2. I know! First time to run and my body ached the next day 😀

    No preparations at all just a simple stretching when me and my friend arrived in the venue…halatang mga newbies sa fun runs.

    I was not running the whole time…may walking din kasi nakakapagod and mejo masikip sa daan. Daming participants for the 5k route.

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