let’s get physical!

soo… i decided to join the yoga club and the dance guild here in ADB. might as well make use of the facilities right??? trying to be more active! 😉

update: after the last yogilates session (refer to previous entry), i could barely move. it hurt everywhere! i swear my body hasn’t ached that much for a looonnng time!

thurs, i tried dance fusion. i actually love love love it! 🙂 im attending the dance classes every thurs and sat 🙂 yoga hopefully mwf, at least!

aside from that, im also joining my first ever fun run (the natgeo run) on sunday! LOL wish me luck coz ill be needing it! i haven’t trained for that – so ill probably be walking most of the time hahaha.

hopefully i can keep this up. hoping for a better candy soon! 😀

oh, i decided to doll up today – complete with makeup and cute dress 🙂 it’s my sis and uncle’s birthday and we’re going for a double celebration tonight!!! yeyyyyy (boohoo coz ill be missing the bruno mars concert)

(pardon the smile, was trying to imitate my sis’ signature smile hahahaha!)

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