practice makes perfect ?

last monday morning was horrific! we woke up at 2 am to find out that ginger  puked twice and had pooped in our room (which she never did). i immediately looked for her and saw her lying at the edge of our bed barely moving. this was so unlike ginger.we tried to play with her and get her to drink water, to no avail 😦

a quiet ginger

lui and i started discussing whether to bring ginger to the vet or not. lui suggested to call the vet first and to ask for their advice. the vet told us to give some antacid to ginger and see how it goes. (probably indigestion) so we tried to give her the medicine which she used to like… but she wont take it. she just laid there and refused to take in anything.

thats when i started to panic. i was crying and i was really freaking out. i asked lui if we can bring her to the vet even if we had to pay additional P2,500 as emergency fee. i just couldn’t bare seeing our baby like that. almost lifeless (i was really scared that we’re going to lose her – yes i was that paranoid)

so we rushed her to the VIP animal hospital in boni ave and had the vet run some tests…

to cut the story short – we went home at around 4:30 with some medicine for ginger. we were not able to go back to sleep. at this time, i was starting to get a migraine from the stress and lack of sleep.

come morning around 7am – i started noticing that ginger was scratching her mid-section almost non-stop. so i called the vet again (thank you very much to dr. rizza of VIP for accommodating two very panicky parents. i think we called her a total of 5 times that day) to ask. her initial conclusion was ginger was allergic to the meds. sigh.

turns out – this was what actually happened – our maid for the weekend (my mom’s maid) added 1/2 tsp of apple cider vinegar to our pup’s food. (we usually just add 2 DROPS of ACV) which caused our puppy to get sick. good thing the maid confessed and we called dr. rizza again to share this update and she quickly changed the medication.

ginger was weak and lethargic the whole of monday so we decided to move to my mom’s place so that someone can observe and take care of ginger the whole day (we usually leave her alone when we go to work). so by monday night, we were at our mom’s house.

thats me w our ‘eldest’, gabby. she’ still scared of ginger! 😦

daddy’s girl!

good news is – ginger is good as new. she’s back to her old hyper self and her appetite is back. it took her almost three whole days to recover. i promised that i will never ever complain about her being too hyper. id rather she be hyper than sick!

my mom was laughing at me (in a way) and she kept saying “aso pa lang yan. pano pa kaya kung baby na tlaga yan.” (all this trouble just for a dog – just imagine what state you’d be in if this was an actual baby). everybody thinks that ill be an over-protective and finicky mom. i think i will be. no. i KNOW i will be. well hopefully taking care of ginger will prepare me for things to come. as they say practice makes perfect. right???

disclaimer: NO im not pregnant – im talking of a future and currently non-existent baby. if i AM pregnant, i will announce it to the whole wide world!

2 thoughts on “practice makes perfect ?

  1. candy…we love them so much like our own child that’s why we are like that. I don’t care what people say. I do unto others what i want others do unto me. Like my pepper his already gone this jan due to accident and im still crying everytime something reminds me of him and i really missed him so much. How i got him and all those times that i searched for a pup 3yrs ago was like faith that if only pepper was human like us. He is my first love and my destiny. I can’t think of getting another pup for replacement because his one of a kind and you can’t find a shih tzu like him and i believe its just once in a lifetime. So do everything you can and share all the love with them because you will never know what tomorrow brings. How wonderful life is that people like you in the world. tc always. thanks for sharing your story.

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