nosebleed :p

yesterday, i had this hilarious and somewhat naughty discussion with a friend of mine. made me miss her even more! 🙂

just a little backgrounder: C, my friend, met a handsome germy who swept her off her feet and they got married and he flew her all the way to God knows where (hahaha just kidding. she’s actually in Bern now) and they lived happily ever after. well sorta.  hihi

anyway, to get back to the story… so she messaged me yesterday with this line “i have a problem”. apparently – she threw a fit which ended with her hubby not being too happy with her. to the point that he left her valentine’s gifts in the kitchen table: a beauuutiful sky blue box (sigh) and macaroons (all the way from paris) on the side.

ohhh she wanted the gift 🙂  she wanted it so bad that she asked me what to do. lol. of course she couldn’t just go and open the gifts when they were still having their lovers’ quarrel can she?

so we came up with different ideas on how she can lure her husband.

idea # 1: told her to wear her best and sexiest lingerie and be his slave for the night.

idea #2: cook for him or plan a romantic dinner for two – i think this is harder coz she does NOT know how to cook!

so we discussed for a while on what she needed to do when she said something that made me laugh my head off – “ang hirap naman kasi mag lambing sa english! pano mo naman sasabihin ‘bebe bati na tayo’ sa english. parang may mali”

basically what she said was, it’s much much more difficult to show affection  in english. tagalog words are more romantic :p

well girl, serves u right for marrying a foreigner. nosebleed to the max! hopefully u’ve learned ur lesson – dont fight with your hubby. u’ll be at the losing end lol

im pretty sure u’ve opened ur tiffany box by now 🙂 good luck dude!

3 thoughts on “nosebleed :p

  1. haha! soo..i got to open my blue box. 🙂 and i am now typing here with a charm bracelet dangling from my wrist. eyelovet! will ever ever pick a fight especially pag hindi ako ready makipag inglisan. hehe.

  2. Miss C has gotten the ‘blue box’ by now. I personally don’t think the box is blue. It’s more turquoise. But anyways…

    I have not been greeted with lingerie nor with a scumptious meal yesterday night. But after 30 minutes if begging and promises I gave in.

    Oh, and Miss C’s English is not as bad as she wants other people to believe. It’s just an easy way out when she said something and then realizes it wasn’t to smart after all.

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