am i?

the other day, my boss told me something that kept me thinking for a few days…

we were on the lift, i was on my way home and he was on his way to a meeting (i think). and we got to discussing my talent for cooking *or should i say lack thereof* hihi.

he was actually quite surprised! coz he told me that he thinks of me as a “typical chinese housewife”.

that got me thinking… am i??? hahaha that really came as a shock and so i tried to assess if i was one. i had no idea what it means though so i tried to find a definition of “typical chinese housewife” in google and the closest i got was this. :p

reading thru it, i try to see myself as one. but i really really as in really think that i am NOT. the closest i’ll be one is with this picture.

but i do wonder why he thinks i am…. :p

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