panic mode

earlier, when i was looking for a document that i needed to send to HR, some thing jumped at me. (well, probably not “jumped”, more of crawled out of my pile of papers. i think i did the jumping. lol sorry im rambling.)

i saw an office cockroach!!! (only in the Philippines – where we differentiate office roaches from house roaches. hahaha) i nearly got a heart attack! you see… i am very very very very scared of roaches. i despise them i hate them im scared of them and i think they are ugly creatures! yeeeww just thinking of it is already giving me goosebumps. yuck.

i called a friend of mine to help me out. he tried to look for the thing but it was gone!!! sigh. i would have preferred if he was able to kill it to give me peace of mind. nyahaha.

but i thought of something better! i called up housekeeping (yah we have housekeeping in the ofc. go figure :p) and sweetly asked them if they had anything to take care of my roach problem (i didnt tell them that it was just one roach LOL) so they told me they will send pest control to solve my problem. hihi i love our housekeeping already!

so hopefully the pest control service will get rid of all the roaches! yey!

sorry for this truly nonsense blog. i just need something to get the thing off my mind :p

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