i don’t know what’s wrong with me but for the past few days, my shoulders have been feeling stiff 😦 it started on the right side and now both sides are painful 😦 i’ve tried stretching, slight massages (by my mom and lui), mentholatum, etc but nothing seems to work.

there are three possible culprits that i can think of:

1. my very heavy hand bag – i swear i need to learn how NOT to carry my entire house with me 😦

2. my new workstation – what is the right posture or hand placement anyway? i think my keyboard is quite low. hmmm? i need to research

3. our bed – we decided to sleep in one of the most neglected room / bed in the house. seriously – bad idea. need to get rid of that mattress.

sigh it’s really painful now and very stiff 😦 i need a massageeeee pronto!

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