australian tourist visa

i promised i’ll post an entry on the procedures for applying for an australian tourist visa.

it’s quite easy actually – way easier than applying for a US visa!

a good starting point is by visiting Australia’s immigration website. There, you’ll be able to find out what type of visa you would need for your stay. (Very informative website… a far cry from the Philippine’s immigration website – just saying :p)

after responding to the very short survey, the site will give you the results and will tell you which forms to download and to fill up. in my case, i was given three documents, which i have attached:

Form 48r

Application checklist

Information 983i

basically, i just needed to fill out the Form 48r (one each for me and lui) and prepare the necessary documents such as:

1. marriage license

2. bank statements (really important)

3. passport

4. employment certificates

5. manager’s check made payable to the ‘Australian Embassy worth P4,700 (each)

after filling out the form and preparing all the required documents, you then need to call the Visa Information and Application Center to lodge your visa. The details are as follows:

Lodgement of Applications (SDP – VIA Centre)

1909 3622779 (PLDT/Digitel)
1900 3622779 (Globelines)
1903 3622779 (BayanTel)

These numbers are only available to telephones within the Philippines with NDD access, or by calling 109 on a PLDT phone for operator assisted connection. Calls will be billed at PhP 32 per minute plus VAT.

The call center agent will double check if you have all the necessary documents and will also schedule a pick up date for your documents (thru courier). Once the documents have been picked up, you’re all set and all you can do is just pray and hope that when your documents come back, there is a visa attached to your passport! 🙂

our passport + visa came back within a week after it was picked up! it was that fast!

Hope this helped! 😀 Cheers mate! 😉

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