ADB OAG Christmas Party

this year, i had the privilege of helping organize our office’s christmas party… and at the risk of sounding arrogant, i’d say our “Roaring ’20s” party was a HUGE hit! 🙂

not JUST because we delivered a great party but ALSO because everyone was so game! they all participated in the games and the costumes were oh-so-wonderful!

there were lots of games, gifts, prizes and most of all, there were lots of laughters! 🙂 (who said auditors didn’t know how to have fun???)

everyone was in their spiffiest, they really went all out with the costumes!

looks like it was actually in the 20s, no?

check out the rest of the pictures in our official photographer’s – Randell Liwanag – site.

the venue was excellent! we made the right choice when we went for Enchante (in Oakwood). Enchante served as the perfect backdrop for our theme!

the music was great as well, care of Mr. Bernie Pasamba. 🙂 we even asked them to help us in one of our games, and they did so without any complaints.

it had been truly a fun night… but i’m looking forward to next year, where i can be part of the crowd, instead of being one of the coordinators, hosts and performers :p

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