must be a sign ;)

when hubby posted a greeting in FB last week,  I suddenly realized that it is only four months to go before our next anniversary! wow… time sure flies by fast! :p

last year we stayed over at a nice 5-star hotel here in manila, but for this anniv, I want to go somewhere outside of manila or outside of the country. was thinking of either going to bicol (to swim with the whale sharks!!!) or cambodia maybe? since it’s the only place in our asian tour that we haven’t ticked off :p

need to start planning… have to book flights and everything hihi.


did you know that the 3rd anniversary is also considered as the “leather anniversary“?


oh… pa-b… LV is considered as leather – im just saying :p

5 thoughts on “must be a sign ;)

  1. Hubs and I have been discussing our anniversary too. I was supposed to check out the Shangri-la sale because I want to go to Mactan but he wasn’t interested. Still debating other options, but first our son’s birthday in 2 weeks. 🙂

  2. so where did u finally go for ur 3rd anniv? i vote CAM… angkor wat, picture perfect! and it’s a UNESCO world heritage site… must see these places before climate change wipes them out of the earth’s surface 🙂

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