fix you…

was driving in edsa this morning when mo twister played the song “fix you” by coldplay as their closing song.

hearing the music made me tear up… 😦 it made me remember my dad…

i think among the three of us, im the least closest to my dad. maybe the fact that i spent the least time with him, when i was growing up, had something to do about that.

i had always thought that he loved me the least… i was always the daughter who had to work hard to get what i needed.  he always favored my elder sister who we all know was his favorite 🙂

he might have loved me the least, but i was surprised and happy to know that he was  proud of me – proud of what i have become and what i have accomplished. thanks dad – you were there all the time to guide me.

i miss you dad… i miss your weekly call, i miss you greeting me and calling me “misis chao”. i miss you asking if im doing fine and if i needed anything… i miss you calling me for no reason at all… thanks dad – you might not have been around but you were still our dad.

i am thankful that i was able to be there with you til your final hours… to bring you comfort and to play my role as your daughter.

i will always remember what you have taught me.

it’s my turn to make weekly calls now so be ready for me. ill visit you whether you like it or not. :p

rest in peace dad… we all love and miss you.

don’t worry… we’ll be fine 🙂

2 thoughts on “fix you…

  1. i’m also missing dad’s weekly calls. sometimes i look at my phone and still hopes that he would call. everything happened so fast. sometimes i regret not being there for him and not being able to return his love and not asking about his health conditions. i know we will all be ok but i still need him, for guidance and for support. i’m the weakest link amongst us three. i’m not ready to let go and to move on, but i have to. for mom’s sake. and i know dad wouldn’t want us to be lonely. i just hope i could reach his high expectations. i’ll do everything to make him be proud of me. i know he is there all the time, watching us, guiding us. if only i could hug him one last time… if only i could talk to him one more time… to see him smile… to talk to him about the future… i really misses him.
    pa, we will always remember you…wait for me. when the right time comes we will see each other again.
    sis, we can do this… lets just hold on and i know everything would be ok. i will always be here for you. i love you sis…

  2. *hugs* kendz. i’m sorry for yur loss and i do wish you and your family the strength to go through this time. my family’s prayers are with you and your family.

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