haven’t experienced a storm in more than 5 yrs (apparently there’s no storm in sg hehe) so basyang was both a nerve-racking and a panic inducing experience for me! sheessshhh…

lui and i were both glad that we didnt push thru with our workout in the gym as scheduled, if so, we would experienced the wrath of basyang on the road! *cringe* thank God we didnt have to go thru that.

our condo unit is over-looking a vast open area so we felt every whip of the wind and we could see what was happening outside! i really thought that our windows would shatter from the wind! hehe i was really really close to panicking!

we could hear the meralco electricity transmitter blowing up a couple of time (i think nearly 10 times or more) and finally the lights went out around midnight, some stuff in our balcony started flying and moving around around 2am! it was a nightmare. i hardly got any sleep!

and the electricity just came back on after nearly 24 hours!

but i am really really thankful that no one that i know got hurt… sigh…

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