lui and i went furniture shopping two weekends ago… it was a very nice experience – exhilarating feeling – until you see the total bill! *gulp*

anyway, here are some of the pieces we got from ourhome – we didn’t know where else to go so we ended up buying almost all our furnitures from there!

day bed for our guest room – since the guest room is quite small we opted to go for pull-out bed (two single size beds) to save space when no one is using the room.  (hubby plans to use the guest room as his playroom! lol) we do plan to have bed covers customized… in the color we want.

sofa for the living room – we were not able to take a picture of the actual one as it wasn’t on display. hopefully, the sofa turns out good. *fingers crossed* we were able to feel the texture though as there was a similar sofa (from the same manufacturer) on display.

dining table – i love our dining table. from all the pieces we got, i think my favorite is the dining table. just love love love it. simple yet elegant 😀 (sorry for the lopsided pics hehe)

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