condo renovations update 2

visited our condo last saturday and this is what greeted us:

1. living and dining area:


work in progress

2. guest toilet


work in progress

3. kitchen


work in progress

4. master’s bedroom


work in progress

5. living room


work in progress

and here are pictures of some of the customized cabinets, countertop, buffet table, tv rack, etc – again still work in progress 😀

shoe rack (to be attached with frosted glass)

tv rack

buffet table + countertop

cabinets (master’s and guest room)

as you can see, still a long way to go. but we are happy with the progress. 😀 our contractor is 100% confident that they will finish by the 15th of May.

we couldn’t be happier – things are materializing and we’re ecstatic and excited! can’t wait to see the final outcome. :p

15 thoughts on “condo renovations update 2

  1. Jesus, Candy!!! Looks super nice! 🙂
    Wow, compared to your second apartment in Singapore this can fit a soccer team. What am I saying !? It can fit two soccer teams and the soccer wives as well 😉 …

    P.S.: the shiny white floor looks really nice!!

  2. thanks everybody!!! 🙂 we’re really super excited to see the finished product! with curtains and all 🙂

    @ aniko – hahaha thanks ms hottie, michelle’s apartment in sg is still bigger 🙂

    @ ian – anytime! let me know when you’ll be here

    @ cheri – we used sol ceramics. got it from wilcon. they have a lot of colors to choose from 🙂

    @ maqui – naku sayang naman. good thing tlaga my friend recommended Engr Pastor (our contractor). so nice tlaga.

  3. wow! ang ganda naman ng condo nyo!!! san yan? we recently bought a condo din pero parang half lang ng syo!!! 😀 hintayin namin ang next update mo 😀

  4. Hi Mrskendz,

    You have a really nice condo, wish we could see the final look. Just want to know the contact info of your contractor since we are also planning to renovate. Thank you!

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