newest addition to the family

im really a sucker for apple… my first apple product was an ipod… but the apple product that really got me hooked was my macbook (in black) – it’s just a wonderful thing. fast, sturdy and chic.

i remember i kept teasing lui coz my macbook takes half the time to boot up compared to his HP laptop. so i always say “eat my macbook dust!” lol.

anyway, i wanted a companion while i train for a marathon (yah right hehe) and since they stopped selling arm bands for my old ipod nano, i decided to get the cheapest yet most handy ipod there is – the ipod shuffle :p

i won’t say it’s a great product because i feel that it has a lot of short-comings (like you cant change the earphones else you won’t have a controller anymore) plus i can’t skip a certain song… but all in all, for the price and for the convenience, i think it’s still okay 😀

(add: oopss – my bad, apparently you can skip to the next track and go back to previous track. d-uh obviously i don’t like reading operational manuals. hihi.)

next stop – iMAC! hihi

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