under renovation

renovation of our condo has already started last march 22 and i  just want to share that i am absolutely delighted and happy with our contractor…

before the renovations started, we had one or two meetings to brainstorm on what we want and on what they plan to do with the unit (which is a major plus point as we didn’t have to pay for a separate interior designer, they were so willing to provide inputs and ideas).

aside from the brainstorming sessions, we also met up twice after to (1) last march 28 at wilcon to choose the floorings and tiles to be used in the living room, bathrooms and master bedroom and (2) last sunday to choose the wall paint color(s). we met up at our unit because they already  painted patches of colors on the walls for us to choose from.

i was delighted to see that there had already been a lot of work done! the living room area tiles have already been removed and 80% of the new ceramic tiles have been installed. the master room flooring has already been demolished as well anddddd the ceiling treatment is 90% completed! that was reallyyyyy fast!!!!

anyway here are some before and in process pics of our unit. it’s really really in a disaster mode now but you can still see the difference…

old tiles

new flooring – close up

new flooring – wider view (you can actually glimpse the new ceiling in this pic)

old ceiling

new and improved ceiling with provision for ambiance light

old master bedroom ceiling

new ceiling with provision for ambiance lighting as well 😀

well so far i guess that’s it… as i’ve said, the current state is still catastrophic!!! hehehe. but we’re getting there.

out contractor said they’ll turnover by may 15 (!!!) we’ll see if they can meet their own deadline. there is still a looonggg way to go :p

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