tuesday group

for the past few months, it had been my habit, every tuesday, to travel all the way from ortigas to rob place manila just to meet up with lui, my sis and my cousins – we call it our tuesday rendezvous πŸ˜€

so what happens on tuesdays?

basically, we meet up at rob place manila, go to fitness first for an hour workout and then, waste all the calories we burned by gorging ourselves with food! πŸ˜€

sooo… it’s only apt that my next few posts are on FOOD FOOD and more FOOD πŸ˜€ food that we tried, food that we liked and food that we will definitely eat again. (im throwing my diet out the window here hehe)

first stop:

WHAM! burgers πŸ˜€

my verdict: love their burgers and especially like their cross traxx fries (aka crisscut fries)! it’s a bit pricey though – not your regular yam burger – but i think worth the money coz the burgers are just huge!!!

here are their version of huge burgers = huge bites πŸ˜€

sliced up my burger and this is what a half looks like πŸ™‚

crisscut fries FOR THE WIN πŸ˜€

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