graduate na ako! :D

i finally graduated from my driving lessons! 😀 i took  a 10-hour session and finished in 5 weekends 🙂 (2 hours each)

if you ask me if i’m confident enough to drive on my own, my answer is “H*LL NO!” argh… i’m still NOT that confident in terms of my driving skills (or lack thereof). but hopefully in due time, and with enough experience, i will be able to drive myself to work.

i guess my driving skills are not TOO bad… i just need to hone my defensive driving skills. but if you ask me to drive EdSa on a Sunday, i’d say “yes please” 🙂 i absolutely have no problem driving on the hi-way as long as there’s no traffic and no motors / jeeps / buses sneaking up on me.

anyway… lui and i test drove the honda city… and surprisingly, amidst my non-stop ranting about the not-so-nice dashboard, i actually loved driving it! 🙂 i dunno. it’s hard to explain but somehow, we matched 🙂

i try to look at this picture every time i feel discouraged to drive… i just try to imagine myself driving this baby… i hope it’s good enough to motivate me hehehe.

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