so after much discussion and assessment with hubby (with inputs from my dad as well),  we have finally narrowed down our choices.

no more hyundai tucson (i still love you though), no more jazz (my dad wasn’t too keen on this car lol)…

our final choices are: HONDA CITY or HONDA CIVIC

hubby and i are leaning towards the 2009 honda city (1.5 variant). though, i’m not really a fan of the city’s dashboard. i just find it too simple and very old school.

i love civic’s interior! but city wins my attention for exterior!

sigh… it is really really hard to decide. i think we were at honda otis yesterday for almost an hour, me hopping from one model car to another, trying out different seats and pushing different buttons. lol. i think our dealer thought i was a bit crazed :p luckily, lui was very patient with me. hehe.

anyway, i still have at least a month to decide.

i’m starting with my driving refresher course on sunday. it’s been 10 years since my last driving lesson so i guess i do need a refresher course. i am absolutely PETRIFIED :p

wish me luck. hope we come up with the right decision.

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