baby won’t you drive my car

because i really really don’t want to! :p

so… had a discussion with hubby last night and turns out, both of us like the 2010 hyundai tucson! we’re planning to visit the dealer on sunday (if they’re open) and see if they have the color that i want. *fingers crossed*

not too sure if we’re going to buy it pronto though. because, as of the moment, we do not have any parking space at his family’s house in makati. will probably need to wait for our unit in Rosewood Pointe. (whenever that is. sigh. kainis na dmci ah.)

anyway, since i need a serious refresher course in driving, lui and i checked  A1’s website. i must say, i got a bit of a shock – i didn’t know that driving lessons cost this much!!! steep much?

i really really like A1… they have their own driving training center where you can learn driving without fearing for your life at the same time. To quote A1:

“A-1 Driving is the first to introduce a Driver Training Center, which serves as a complete training ground for student drivers, away from the hustle and bustle of city streets.

Our training centers are a simulation of actual conditions you may encounter while driving.”

too bad they only have 2 training centers. one in novaliches and one in las pinas – both being very very far from our home 😦

oh well, i think i’ll go and check ACE and see how much they charge.

wish me luck… i really think that driving is NOT my strongest suit. :p

4 thoughts on “baby won’t you drive my car

  1. thanks ems, for the advice. actually i’ve decided on matic. that’s a NON-negotiable. i can’t imagine myself driving a stick shift in EDSA. (God forbid) hehe.

    but still, matic or not, i’m still a bit paranoid. wahhh…

  2. hello mrskendz! 🙂

    kaloka ba ang dmci? you really have to make them kulit. that’s what i did eh, pero sa royal palm kami. so ayun, naka move in kame a month after the scheduled turn over date. sa highrise ka ng rosewood, right? 🙂

    btw, 2010 hyundai tucson is love. grabe, i super hert it. wish ko lang afford namen. haha. 🙂

  3. Hi mommy siegs! 🙂

    oki thanks for the tip. will make super kulit to them… antagal tlaga nila 😦

    yup sa highrise kami ng rosewood. can’t wait!

    saw your blog. hehe same theme tayo! although you changed your header. hmm… i must learn how to do that! 🙂

    btw, add kita sa blogroll ko ha. thanks!

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