is this a sign?

just when we’ve narrowed down our choices to honda jazz and honda city, THIS comes out. 😦

Honda Motor Co (7267.T) said on Friday it would recall a total 646,000 units of the Fit/Jazz and City models globally, including 140,000 in the United States. The recall covers the models sold in North America, South America, Europe, South Africa and Asia, but not Japan, a spokeswoman said

so now, we’re back to square one. but Lordy, i am so loving the new hyundai tucson!

decision schimsions. argh! i need a sign.

anyway, i haven’t even started on my driving lessons. still trying to postpone as much as possible. not really that keen on being behind the wheels. i still prefer being chauffeur driven! :p

4 thoughts on “is this a sign?

  1. baby! i knoooww… i wanted a jazz at first. kasi i can imagine myself driving it. pero now, i’ve changed my mind na. i’m in love… with tucson!!! *might drool* talaga!

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