6 days to 2 :)

if i have to describe our wedding in one word, i would say it was “FUN”.

i admit that there were some blur moments  and up until now i can’t remember some parts of the day, but what i am sure of is that everybody had fun…

from the bride and groom, to our family, to our friends and even the suppliers.

let me present evidence #1 (all smiles and laughters):

evidence #2:


quoting ms veluz in her blog:

During her day, everyone was excited for her and Lui. Her preps was probably the most enjoyable preps I’ve been. Not a dull moment, its as if everyone knows everyone. No pressure, just happy doing their jobs, enjoying every moment of it.

and threelogy:

After all has been said and done, with Kendz (Candy) in the brink of stressing herself out just a few days before her wedding, these two are officially the happiest couple on earth. And I don’t think I’m alone in saying that these guys provided enough drama and laughter to make this one of the most memorable wedding we’ve been a part of (Cj and Karl actually got teary eyed during the reception – not a joke).

4 thoughts on “6 days to 2 :)

  1. mama & papa,
    im so glad talaga u guys ended up together! ^____^ super fun nyo pag magkasama kayo and everybody can see na happy kayo with each other. 🙂 i love you both very much! *mwaaaaaaaaaaaah*

  2. thanks baby jenn. and i am soooo sooo sooo glad that you were part of our special day. as i’ve said, anniv na din natin tom. 🙂 2 years na tayong friends! 😀 love you always baby!

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