1 week to 2! :)

before anything else, i just realized that i’ve hit my 1000 mark! 🙂 i now have more than 1000 hits in my blog. thanks guys! not bad for the first month 🙂 please keep on coming back.

as some of you know, lui and i will be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary as husband and wife next wednesday (27 January). so please indulge me as i do a bit of reminiscing of our wedding day (promise this is the last year im doing this! i can’t reminisce every year right??? haha.)

ill be posting different videos for 7 days. and ill be quoting some blogs to give you a background of what happened during that day.

first up:

my super long wedding kwento / blog.

that has got to be my record breaking longest blog ever! :p now that i read back, i think i went a bit crazy lol. but i love that i can read it again and again and feel the same way 🙂

also, posting the link to our “ever famous all-time winner” wedding blooper! :p (sorry haven’t figured out how to post videos in wordpress yet)

here’s a short excerpt from my blog on what happened:

we were supposed to get father erick, but days before the wedding, we found out that he cant officiate our wedding na because of his expired license… we only found our priest on Wednesday! his name is Father Manny, and he’s so funny :p ang bilis bilis bilis nya! can you imagine a 5 mins homily?! and i thought that it will be longer than that!!! tapos may bloopers pa kami… i cant keep pace with him that i wasnt able to read the misalette saying “join your right hands” and i heard was “right hands” so i automatically assumed that we had to “raise our right hands” aaarrrgghhh!!! kaloka! hyang hiya ako. buti na lang cute ko dun sa shot nila threelogy. bwahahaha!!! after that, Father Manny made sure to tell us exactly what to do before we did anything. as in coaching to the max na cya!!! hahaha


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