good morning

i am terribly terribly sleepy today. i don’t know if it’s because of watching PBB and boys over flower or the work out i had yesterday.

anyway, to keep me awake… i thought of a question for everybody…

what’s in your everyday bag?

this would be mine:

1. clinique pouch (kikaykit) with my beauty essentials namely comb, lip balm, lipstick, gloss and perfume

2. cellphones – nokia and iphone (for sun and globe)

3. canon s90 – for blogging moments

4. coach wallet – i use my LV on weekends only lol

5. 2 envirosax – just in case i’ll need it

6. bottle of antacid – i have severe ulcer

7. my adb pocket diary

8. my RL sunglasses – to keep wrinkles at bay

9. ipod – to keep me awake at work 🙂

how about yours? 🙂

3 thoughts on “good morning

  1. Ummm… mine i have
    1) Iphone and Nokia Phone (Smart/Sun)
    2) Creative Camcorder (in case i need to take video)
    3) Hbw ballpen (color blue)
    4) Med. kit (Chinese herbal med. for daily use)
    5) Wallet
    6) Company I.D.

    hehe 😀

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