Crepe de Chine

after a long long time, we were finally able to visit and dine at crepe de chine 🙂

overall, it was a very nice experience. the food was good and the crepe was really nice! plus it was great to have some chika time with friend / owner of cdc – diana 🙂 too bad we weren’t able to stay long… lui had to go back to work.

i loved the ambiance. the whole place was very hmmm chic? i don’t know if that’s the right term but it was NICE. we sat at the hanging chairs which were a nice touch to the place.

lui had the bolognese and i had the tuna luau 🙂 the bolognese was really really yummy!

we finished off lunch with the mad nutter crepe for dessert

find out more about CDC here.

thanks dj! 🙂 sa uulitin!

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