new moves

for the first time, my PT and i did some boxing routines yesterday (complete with boxing gloves). it was effing great!!! i loved it! beats pulling and pushing weights non-stop for an hour :p

i started off slow and weak – my PT kept complaining that i punch like a girl (well duh i am one. haha). and he kept insisting that i punch harder – which was a bit challenging because i thought i was giving him my strongest punches already! grrrr…

we did some trial punches for the first 10 mins or so… jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts… then we later moved to combos. it was tiring but it really was fantastic! 🙂 i truly truly loved every sweating moment of it!!!

PT said we’ll do it again this weekend and i can’t wait!

oh btw, just want to share that i lost 3 lbs! i know, it’s not a lot.. and im trying not to be too happy about it. but it’s definitely a good start 🙂 i’ll take lost pounds over gained ones anytime of the day! 😀

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