shall we dance?

went back to gym yesterday and made up for the whole week i was away… i ran for 15 mins in the treadmill and joined hip-hop and body combat classes. whew! it was a tiring work out but i loved it. 🙂 today is rest day but i’ll be back tom!

anyway… what was i going to talk about? oh yah… during hip hop class (which i think is the only class which consisted of more GUYS than girls), i noticed this chubby tall guy. even before class, he was already practicing some of the moves by the mirror. i just looked at him and paid no attention.

however, towards the end of the class, he stood in front of me and i had a clear view of him. OMG he has THE MOVES! wahhhh he is a GREAT dancer! i could just stand there and watch him but of course i have to move else ill get hit by the other people in the class.

he was really really good. i was quite impressed. i wanted to walk to him and make friends but of course i didnt. im shy. lol.

me? haven’t danced much after high school and all i can say is that i was everywhere and making a mess. i had no idea what i was doing! but i tried to enjoy the class as much as possible – i dont care if i havent memorized the moves yet. as long as im perspiring. im happy :p

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