ADB salad bar

my newest discovery: ADB salad bar! basically, it’s like wendy’ salad bar, if you’re familiar. you either get a plate or a plastic container and fill it up with whatever you want. the only differences are:

1. instead of paying a standard amount, in ADB, you pay based on the weight of your salad. which makes sense.

2. there are more selections for your salad, as compared to wendy’s

this is really really really great – it’s part of their “healthy lifestyle” program. aside from the salad bar, ADB cafeteria also has sandwiches as well as low cal food selections 🙂

this is what i had for lunch – yummy salad with a bit of ceasar dressing. (sorry the pic doesn’t look very appetizing lol)

my salad has:

a. lots and lots and lots of lettuce

b. pieces of brocolli

c. chunks of tomatoes

4. 1 tbsp of corn (approximate. hehe LOVE corn)

5. 2 tbsp jelly ace (hopefully non fattening lol i wish… its really nice. adds a bit of sweetness to the salad. love it)

6. 1 whole boiled egg (sliced)

7. 4tbsp plain tuna

and here is the result

again, doesn’t really look appetizing but im telling you, it’s DELISH! 😀 i can eat this everyday!!

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