funny ka ha…

my hubby is soooo funny.

we  were planning a movie date for tonight (sherlock holmes here we come!) and i was asking him where we’re going for dinner.

i suggested mr. jones because of chuvaness‘ raves about the restaurant. then hubby said something funny…

“suggest ko sana yung bread nalng eh, para diet” (i wanted to suggest we  eat bread, because we’re on diet)

so you might be raising your eyebrows and asking what’s so funny about that…

you will find it funny as well, when you know that your hubby is bringing a loaf of wheat bread with him because i asked him to buy from ongpin!!!

i couldn’t help but imagine the two of us sitting somewhere in gb3 and munching on bread. it just made me laugh!! 🙂 parang kawawa naman sobra. hahaha.

btw, he didn’t really mean that we eat the bread in gb3 but he was suggesting we go to a sandwich shop :p

2 thoughts on “funny ka ha…

  1. uy sweet kaya to! as in nakakatuwa! dati bumili lang kami ni D ng tinapay sa cold storage tapos umupo sa may fountain sa taas ng vivo city at nagkwentuhan. *himatay* i likey!

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