they say three is a charm

but in this case… it doesn’t apply…

im a clumsy nitwit 😦 i can’t believe that i fell down thrice is 3 months!!! (and i always thought that i had a good sense of balance – having lived 15  years plus and not falling down! grrr)

the first ‘occasion’ happened when we were in beijing, china and we were at none other than THE great wall! the ironic part was, i survived climbing up and going down the steep stairs and floor without falling, just to slip at a patch of ice at a small inclination near the exit. i was waiting for a picture to be taken when… woosshhh i slipped and hit the floor hard. 😦

please refer to pic below:

please look for the small circle in the pic… it’s a bit hard to see but it’s there. hehe. lui actually tried to break my fall… but we both ended up slipping on the ice. good thing my aunt was there so she kinda pulled a “superwoman” on us and saved both of us 🙂 my butt hurt for a month after that. *ouch*

the second mishap happened one day in November when Lui and I were on our way home from Megamall… we were just walking and going down the stairs when i slipped on the last step. i was holding lui’s hand and the rail at the time but i still slipped and ended up on both knees. good thing i was wearing slacks so i didn’t get bruised or scratched. lui was so stressed but i pretended that nothing happened and walked with my head high. hahaha.

the recent and hopefully the last fall was last wednesday night… i slipped at a bridge near our house in binondo. i cant remember exactly how i fell all i know was i lost my footing and ended up kneeling on the floor. now i have scratches, bruises and swollen foot. sigh…

lui was a very patient and attentive doctor. he attended to my wounds and in return, he got his arms bitten / pinched, his hair pulled and other things.

i remember i was pulling his hair and screaming in pain and saying “ayaw ko na manganak!!!” (i dont want to give birth anymore) and you know what my wise-ass husband replied? “meron namang anesthesia” (you can use anesthesia) lol.

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