my current addiction

chef tony’s popcorn in white country cheddar (picture taken from mad about food)

i can literally finish a whole tub on my own…

is it really low fat? it says so in the label. but when i asked several of their sales ladies /men, they couldn’t seem to give a concrete answer on how they make the popcorn “low fat”. so im a bit dubious as i suspect there’s butter, caramel and cheese powder. hmmm…

does anybody know?

2 thoughts on “my current addiction

  1. popcorn is only low-fat if you air-pop it, without butter or cheese!

    unfortunately, that one isn’t low-fat, sorry to break your bubble. 😦

    ako rin, into popcorn, but not the boring one. i like caramel popcorn… sarap! i might try my hand at making my own! hehehe!

  2. just as i thought. it’s too good to be low fat hehe.

    sige gawa ka ng popcorn and let me know how so ill make my own na din haha.

    generally, i never liked caramel on anything. :p

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