the biggest loser

hopefully will be me! :p

i had my first weigh-in at fitness first last saturday and i weighed an outstanding and shocking 139.6lbs! p*tang *na!!!! i think this is the heaviest i have been in my ENTIRE LIFE. i think even in high school i didn’t weigh this much! huhuhu… and to think i already lost some of the weight that i gained from china! ahuhuhu…

anyway, as i have briefly mentioned in my previous blog, i am now trying to lose weight – seriously. my initial goal is to get my “wedding weight” which i think is the leanest and slimmest i have been.

i have joined fitness first manila and already got a personal trainer and a nutritionist to help me lose weight the right way… good thing is that personal trainer and nutritionist rates are way way cheaper here in manila than in singapore!

so what is my “diet plan”? basically i have to monitor my food intake – i have to jot down all the food that i eat everyday and my nutritionist (cathy) will check my list every sunday. we’ll also have a weigh-in every sunday to see if i lost weight or if i *gulp* gained more weight.

my personal trainer (sherwin) is in charge of basically making sure that I will be crawling back to the locker room after every session! lol. we had two “free” sessions last weekend and my body hurt like hell for a few days after that! but actually, i gave sherwin the go signal to torture me lol all for the name of losing weight. :p i actually showed him one of our wedding pictures and he said “ma’am anong nangyari sayo”. wahhh.. lol gusto atang masapak!

i also committed on hitting the gym at least 3 times a week (although cathy would prefer if i go EVERYDAY! my gulay. hehe) we’ll see how this goes. hopefully by next week, i would have lost 3 lbs (cathy’s goal not mine. haha.)

alright. ill keep you guys updated.

current weight: 139.6lbs
goal weight: 116lbs
lbs to go: 24lbs *omg*

wish me lucks!

2 thoughts on “the biggest loser

  1. I started my "serious" calorie watch ang gymming last september. And so far, I only lost 5kg. That's only about 11 pounds? Wahhh 😦 You're right, ang mahal ng trainer dito! Kaya I didn't get one. Good luck to us!

  2. mich, 5kg is no easy feat!!! i've been going to the gym for 3 weeks and so far i haven't lost anything 😦 i think i added 1 pound pa nga ata. ahuhuhu… nag PT ako dati sa SG before the wedding and I just realized now how seriously over-priced PTs are in SG!! :(yup good luck to us! kaya natin to 😀

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