mrs kendz is back in town :D

literally… hehe.

im back in manila for exactly one month. i still encounter people looking shocked and ready to scream my head off when they hear that i came back to philippines from singapore. i wanted to be here so now im here 🙂

people do ask me how im settling back in manila and all i can say is “it’s all good!” hihi. honestly, there was no adjustment period. it really feels like i never left philippines for four years! 😀 it was an easy transition – everything just felt right into place 🙂

so what have i been up to? well, the whole family went on a tour of china for 2 weeks. it was great and tiring at the same time. ill save that kwento for another blog.

i have also started working at Asian Development Bank. so far, everything has been nothing short of GREAT 🙂 2 weeks in and im happy and i know i made the right decision 🙂

went back to gym (well, trying to go back to gym) and im also playing bowling with my cousins often. so hopefully, ill be able to get back to shape in no time! 😀 (have to get rid of the singapore weight i gained hehe). i also hired a nutritionist and personal trainer to help me do that… hehe. we’ll see how it goes.

oh oh and one more thing! I HAVE WRINKLES. my ghad. have to lather on the creme de la mer as much as i can haha… bday is around the corner and cant wait to celebrate with family again! 😀

got my first pay! woot.

oki till the next blog. ill be blogging more now. sooooo stay tuned! 😀

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