one-eyed jack

hayyyy naku tlaga katangahan ko tlaga kagabi.

went to yoga class last night and hit the shower right after. as i was hanging my towels, natamaan yung mata ko ng towel and i knew immediately that my contact lens was gone!!!

argh and i was in the shower room na!!!! i wanted to cry. i knew the possibility of finding my contacts is really really slim. meron kasi sa sahig yung parang butas butas na plastic (ano tawag dun?). i kept thinking “how am i supposed to go home with one eye!?”

for those who know me well, you’ll know that i am as good as blind without my contacts… so you can just imagine the dilemma i was in!!! i mean, i wouldnt have a problem if i lost it at home (touch wood) coz i can ask my mom to have a new set made from phils and send to me and i can wear glasses to work everday. but the real problem was – how to get home?!

eventually i had to squat, kneel and basically made kapa to the floor (yuckyyyyyy). i kept looking for almost 5 mins ata and i really really wanted to cry na… finally i gave up. i stood up and started dusting my hands and lo and behold, it’s there! somehow, it stuck to my hand when i knelt and felt the floor (i think)

hay tlaga. so i washed it very carefully and for a long time with hot water (i hope i dont get any eye infections).

grabe tlaga last night. argh.

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