buono bread

discovered this thru mama benz – i swear mas marami pang alam si mama benz na masarap kainin dito sa singapore kesa sa akin! lol.

at first, i didn’t understand what the craze is about. it’s just bread for heaven’ sake! and it’s $19 per loaf!!! what?!!!!!!!

but i guess you have to try it to appreciate it šŸ™‚ they give out samples in takashimaya and it was really really nice. ended up buying one loaf for myself and buying some for mama benz (besos!). you can taste the great blend of bread and margarine in every bite. yummy tlaga!!! and it’s not a small loaf… i swear my hand got tired of bringing two loaves! it was sooo heavy!

argh there goes my ‘diet’ hahaha. i oath to not to take more than two slices in a day… 1 for bfast and 1 for merienda lang dapat! haha i wish i can keep to that. yummy tlaga… even lui liked it. if not for the steep price, lui would have loved it! šŸ˜€

so sg peeps, head on down to takashimaya and try it. šŸ™‚

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