Johor bahru + twilight movie = ???

note: this is my own personal opinion. eveybody has one right? hehehe

so… i loved the book, but did i love the movie? hmmm…

oki a little background before i start my reviews on the movie:

last weekend, my singapore friendships decided to watch Twilight in Johor Bahru today – since the movie will not be shown until dec 18 in singapore, i thought why not – i havent been to JB anyway so it would be a good chance to visit and have a look see. so why not give it a try?

i will tell you why NOT- because a trip to JB can be your most horrible out of country trip evah! OMG. you know how im sooo into travelling and trying out new things right? but this trip, this trip is a different level altogether. today is just too much for me. i wanted to throw a tantrum at the JB checkpoint. we queued for what i thought was ages. i was in pure misery. it was so f*cking hot and there was no ventilation whatsoever. it was so crowded – which is really bad for a claustrophobic person like me – it was misery to the highest level. as in when i finally reached the ‘finish line’ i couldnt help but swear my heart out. “p*tang ina!!!!!!! p*tang ina talaga!!!!!!” sighs. how that experience made me APPRECIATE singapore better. sighs.

anyway, so we finally arrived at the mall (after 10 years). good thing there were still some decent seats for the 4:20pm movie (we originally booked for 1:40pm good thing we didnt have to pay for that coz we totally missed the movie argh talga)

(sorry had to just include the ranting bit coz it might have influenced my take on the movie)

okay so back to the movie. so… how did i find it?

good parts first:
bella was awfully pretty! i heart her :); her dad’s character was awesome haha funny and added a bit of life to the movie; the cars were fab! how i wish i can get a RED mercedes convertible as well! (drool); i love the location. it gave the right amount of gloom – just like in the book; and the cullen’s house was just beautiful! i never would have thought that it would be that fantastic! glass windows all over oh my god my ideal home!!!!

parts of the movie were so familiar that i couldnt help feel giddy. they tried to be as accurate to the book as possible.

bad parts:
some of the castings are off… edward seemed a bit gay (too much lipstick!!), and his eyes looked like it was about to pop out most of the time (a bit hard to look at actually. feels like looking at an owl); jasper was just too painful. OMG poor jasper. i thought he’d look tougher and more brooding, but all he looked like was a consitpated guy. panget tlaga. they didnt even say what his power was.; carlisle – he was just too white. period; jacob – oh my poor jacob. he looked a bit lost. how i wish they’d cut off all that hair!

there were also some parts of the book that they didnt include. i was looking forward to the how edward showed the effect of the sun to his skin to bella the first time. because i loved that part. it was too romantic. but the movie was so condensed that everything happened all at the same time (you’ll see what i mean when you watch the movie). i also missed the part where edward hugged bella in bed the first time (while bella was sleeping) that was so sweet. but it wasnt as sweet in the movie.

there were scenes that i thought they could have removed instead (was a bit flat for me – or maybe that’s just my exhaustion)

so what’s MY verdict?

it’s still a decent enough movie to watch. a bit of a chick flick. but i wouldnt recommend that you watch it in JB – it’s just so not worth it.

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